3D footwear design and pattern engineering software


iICad3d+ is the first software for footwear design and pattern engineering that integrates into a single program two different environments, virtual 3D and technical 2D, which work in parallel and simultaneously. This way, iCad3D+ is presented as the best virtual alternative to the traditional process of design and pattern engineering, reducing the time spent as well as the material and human resources of the company.


  • Design, create and modify footwear models, and their patterns, in parallel and simultaneously in 3D or 2D with total reliability and precision.
  • Flatten lasts for all types of footwear, including boots and ankle boots, with total accuracy.
  • Modify the flattening with a single “click”, avoiding repeating the processes that should be carried out when such modifications are made manually.
  • Create, or import, soles, heels, decorations or accessories quickly and easily, thanks to its intuitive interface.
  • Customise and get images as hyper-realistic as photographs taken from real footwear models. 
  • Simulate the appearance of shoes after last slipping adding realism to your models.
  • Export the patterns to any cutting device, with no need for further adaptation and without ever losing the 3D-2D correlation.
  • Recalculate the yield without having to re-flatten. Thus, you can modify the model parts to maximise material yield.
  • Grade the footwear sizes in a completely customisable way and in just one "click".
  • Create fully customisable technical spec sheets, adapted to your company's production process, by adding any kind of information, photographs and even 3D objects.
  • Work in a simple and intuitive environment, very easy to use, where any change is automatically recalculated in both software environments (3D and 2D).
  • Get regular software updates and enjoy the most advanced technology at any time.
  • Increase the competitiveness and the productivity by reducing the time and the costs of human and material resources, and achieving a faster production.


ICad3d+ has been developed by the INESCOP. INESCOP has more than 30 years experience in the development of CAD-CAM products and works closely with the companies in the sector. This has allowed them to develop software systems adapted to their customers’ needs and always oriented towards continuous improvement.

iCad3D+ can be obtained through the Spanish company “Red 21 S.L.”, which is the exclusive dealer of INESCOP’s CAD-CAM programs with over 20 years experience in sales, distribution and technical support.